5G Free Marin History
Our organization originally formed to oppose the 5G “Small Cell” rollout which is underway across the country.  We are specifically concerned about telecoms entering communities and installing equipment in very close proximity to residents, schools, health care facilities and childcare centers, with no regard to the potential health effects from the high flux and short wavelength microwave electromagnetic radiation from powerful antennas that have not been tested for health or environmental impacts.

Precautionary Principle
We hold the precautionary principle as fundamental, especially in light of the fact that this latest 5G technology is untested for safety.  We believe we, as a community, have the right to a safe and healthy environment and that the burden of proof for safety is not on us, but on the corporations developing this technology. 

The Precautionary Principle must be our most fundamental guiding principle; decision-makers must anticipate and mitigate potential harm before it occurs. Because there are better and cheaper alternatives, we believe there is no legitimate reason to undertake the risks that come with this rollout of 5G wireless technology.

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