5G Free Marin

5G Free Marin is a coalition of local Marin-based groups fighting to stop unnecessary, unsafe and excessive wireless technologies from being imposed on local communities by the telecommunications industry.


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Important Links:
5G Crisis is one of our national partners proving leadership and advocacy support at the local and national level.  They are a vital resource for this issue, making a wide range of materials available for your local campaigns (click the stop sign to download an important message from 5G Crisis regarding their appeal to stop linking Covid-19 and 5G).

Join Us
5G Free Marin is working on many fronts to take back local control from the telecom industry that has used telecom-written FCC rules to undermine and usurp local decision making control at state, county, city and towns levels throughout the US. Join us in our efforts to ensure our voices are part of the democratic process in your community.  To stay abreast and participate in our online forum click here to subscribe or send an email.

Please visit and bookmark our partner Facebook “5G Data” page for important action items and local and national updates.

5G in Marin?
Many people have been frightened by seeing 5GE appearing on their phone displays.  Please be aware that this is not 5G but an enhanced version of the LTE network (the LTE network has been in use for many years).  Some carriers are calling this LTE Enhanced technology “5GE”, but it is simply marketing  hype to make subscribers think they are getting 5G (with the assumption the consumers want 5G technology).  This Tom’s Guide article has more information.  As of 4/8/20, there have been no applications for 5G in Marin County although there are many applications and installations of 4G small cells in several communities.

Opposing 5G/Small Cell Antennas in your Community
Here is a great how-to piece for opposing/stopping small cell/5G installations in your community: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/how-to-oppose-small-cell-5g-towers/

To determine where antennas are in your community, visit: Antennasearch.com.  The data here may not be up-to-date but the site does provide valuable information.

Understanding the Science
The Federal Communications Commission and the telecommunications industry’s success with wireless technology, especially 5G, depends fundamentally on the public not being aware of, or understanding the health and environmental science surrounding microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation.

There are tens of thousands of studies that have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical and other scientific  journals that show a wide range of adverse health affects on humans, laboratory animals and other living systems from microwave and sub-microwave EMF’s . The BioInitiative team’s Henry Lai has compiled these collections containing a very large number of scientific abstracts.

One powerful and compelling recent study is from the US National Institute of Health.

Also, Dr. Sharon Goldburg MD compiled a smaller collection of compelling published health study abstracts for use in her testimony before the Michigan State Legislature’s House Energy Policy Committee in October of 2018.