5G Free Marin

5G Free Marin is a coalition of local Marin-based groups fighting to stop unnecessary, unsafe and excessive wireless technologies from being imposed on local communities by telecommunications corporations.

Important Links:
5G Crisis is one of our national partners proving leadership and advocacy support at the local and national level.  They are a vital resource for this issue, making a wide range of materials available for your local campaigns.

Join Us
5G Free Marin is working on many fronts to take back local control from the Telecoms that have used Telecom-written FCC rules to undermine and usurp local decision making and infrastructure in counties, cities and town throughout the US. Join us— take back your power, and make a difference in your community.

To stay abreast of information here in Marin in our online forum, please click here to subscribe or send a note to: Info@5gFreeMarin.org

5G in Marin?
Many people have been frightened by seeing 5GE appearing on their phone displays.  Please be aware that this is not 5G but an enhanced version of the LTE network.  Some carriers are calling this LTE Enhanced technology “5GE” but it is simply marketing  hype to make subscribers think they are getting 5G (with the assumption the consumers want this new technology).

Please check this out for more information: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/5ge-explained,news-29329.html 

As of 4/8/20, there have been no applications for 5G in Marin County although there are many applications and installation of 4G small cells in our communities throughout Marin County.  5G Free Marin and its partners are working to stop these installations.

Opposing 5G/Small Cell Antennas in your Community
Here is a great piece for local community members and advocates regarding opposing/stopping small cell/5G installations: http://emfsafetynetwork.org/how-to-oppose-small-cell-5g-towers/